exposing part of my brain

I've created a new site for the resources I've come across/collected as I've progressed through my web design abilities. There are tips tricks and things I've learned that I don't want to lose, and it's nice to have them all in one place.

Even better, wouldn't it be nice to have them in one place that is also accessible by others, looking for the answers to questions I've had in the past?

Since I'm all about helping out, I figured "why not?" So here I am.

This is new, and therefore will be convoluted and in need of "figuring out" the best way

I cannot even start to demonstrate my most honest thankfulness for your devoted and most generous assistance. Not only was your support exceptional but your sincere concern was stimulating and heartfelt.

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to present things so they're easy to find. So please, bear with me. But I hope to make this site a very useful resource for many people in the near future - this is a project that's been waiting in the wings for a long time, and I'm happy it's finally online and starting to move.

That being said, what's it all about?

Well, I've been designing websites since 1991, on my mother's computer (which was a Tandy 386, and dialed into AOL at a speedy 1200 baud!) At first, I designed for fun. Then I designed for friends. As time went on, I learned more and progressed with the internet. Of course, I had other jobs, I even went to college - but through it all, I designed. I loved it too much to let it go.

Then, one day, I discovered that people would actually pay me money to design sites for them. I was completely flabbergasted - and charged way too little to begin with. But here I am, almost 15 years later (holy crap!), and to think of the sites I did in the beginning are vomitous, to say the least. I have learned.

But I do not know everything.

Doesn't matter what my mom will tell you (but please, don't let my husband in on that!)

Even after all this time, I find myself learning new and amazing things about the internet and the way it works - every website I do is better than the last. I've learned things that people have often asked of me to share.

And now, here I am - as I said - to put it all in one place, and to share the things I've learned along the way. My hope is that the stuff I put here will really help others, and let them learn faster than I did.

But I do not purport to be an "expert" at anything - I've just learned a lot of shortcuts and played with many shiny gadgets that newcomers to the business have yet to discover. I will be sharing many things - and I'm positive that some things I say here will be retracted because I'll discover I was wrong. Happens all the time. But many things - especially in the beginning - will be things I've learned and lived by, and have helped me to run a successful business.

I hope you get something out of this...so enjoy!

Posted by Shelly on Feb 28, 06 | 12:32 am